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06 - Feb
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Where:Empty Bottle, 1035 N Western Ave, Chicago, Illinois, United States, 60622
$8 // 21+LAS CRUXESRAIKELROYKILLER MOON----------Dark and jagged LA post-punk band LAS CRUXES play Chicago (and the Bottle) for their second time tonight, this time behind a brand spankin' new EP. Featuring members of the Mexican indie-rock band PASTILLA, LAS CRUXES create explosive and pummeling thick rock with dangerously piercing guitar riffs, TWO drummers and bass crunchier than a stale chicharron. Hot off the new EP, the six-piece powerhouse is following up dates in Mexico with legendary UK bands Gang of Four and The Buzzcocks -- how's that for movin' up!Four-piece indie rock band from the southside RAI captures the raw energy of freedom in the city and pours it out with full intensity. Their debut EP, Sin Color, balances heartbreak and hope with a fastened grip on alt-rock. They've absolutely dominated the surrounding Latin rock scene in Chicago and we're excited to have them back and fall in love all over again.Chicago five-piece KELROY is a mix of post rock, psychedelia and a whole lot of mood. Comprised of Luis Crespo on vocals, Omar Castro on guitar, Jose Calvo on bass, Joel Gonzales on drums and Vince Panepinto on keys and trombone, the squad has self-released 3 solid full-lengths since 2009 and are in the works for their fourth.As the late great timothy Leary once said "turn on, tune in and drop out "This is the manifesto of KILLER MOON, expanding consciousness through experience. Pushing the boundaries of what is real and what is not. what is whole and broken, what is and is not. To perform as a singular entity together and separate to invoke feelings of the great ones and act as a conduit, to become a beacon of light and guide the seeker to the edge of reality. KILLER MOON exists in the space between the in-between, transcendental beings only here for a moment reminding us that life is not limited to the five senses we have been force feed our entire lives.
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