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13 - Aug
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Where:Studio 659, 1413 119th Street,, Lake County, Indiana, United States, 46394
Arts Alive of Whiting, IN, is hosting their second art show of 2021 at Studio 659, located in the heart of quaint town on the shores of Lake Michigan and 20 minutes from Chicago. Arts alive is a non-profit art organisation whose mission is to cultivate art within the community may it be local school art programs, music education, theatre or events to inspire the creative spirit. Midsummer Dream Art Show, inspired by dream and artistic vision of dream world, is a window to a unique preception. An eclectic collection of different artwork created by Midwest artists and their idea of the fantasy. It is a lyrical compilation of varying levels of creative work, but with the same goal to present freedom of the dream world. The show extends the view of hope and fear to its observer, inviting everyone to see in the artist's mind. Gathering of different art styles Midsummer Dream show introduces you to the passion of creative individuals. Various artists with other vocations, professionals and amateurs alike, young and old, are parts of this exhibit. Everybody is welcome to see "dreamy" art, get inspired and explore the world of Midsummer dream. The show will run from August 13 to September 18. Opening night, August 13, from 7 pm to 9 pm, you can meet the artist, hear their stories, extend your support for their work, get inspired and enjoy a relaxing evening. The art show whimsical concept introduces the ending of the summer and hope for the end of the pandemic era. Show Curator: Andjela Kovacevic, an active member of Arts Alive. Passionate for the beautiful and unique, with a flair for the drama, she is looking forward to presenting an art show for everyone hoping that her European education will produce an unforgettable exhibition and bring a whimsical vision of the Midsummer dream to NWIN and the Chicago area. Arts Alive with Studio 659 is grateful to all of you for supporting art at this challenging time and looking forward to seeing you at opening night and d
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